Some useful octoprint commands

Common serial ports for Gcode.

M104 S230

Set the extruder temperature without waiting. This command can be sent at any time without affecting other operations. It only changes the temperature of the extruder.

M109 S230

Setting the temperature of the extruder may result in a waiting situation. If you are not preparing to print, use the wait temperature function with caution.

M140 S65

Setting the temperature of the heating bed without waiting. Same function as M104.

M190 S65

Set the temperature of the heating plate and wait, which has the same function as M109.

M220 S120

Set the print speed to 120%. The value is a percentage.

M221 S150

Set the extrusion amount of the extruder to 150% during printing. The value is a percentage. It is also called the feed rate, which is 150%.

M106 S255

Set the fan power of the blow model to maximum. The minimum power is 0. Setting it to the minimum power can be achieved with M106 S0. The range is 0 to 255.


No parameter. It has the same function as M106 S0, which is to turn off the fan.

[ CGG ] Gcode



To unlock the motor lock. In the case where there is no movement, but the motor is in a locked state, use this command to unlock the motor, and then the axis can be (manually) moved freely.

To unlock any motor of XYZE: (XYZE can be combined arbitrarily with M84)

M84 X

M84 Y

Or combine axes: M84 X Y Z


Go to zero. XYZ can be combined with G28 in any combination. Without combination, all axes will return to zero.

G28 X

G28 X Y

G28 Z X Y


If you adjust the parameters, remember to save the data.


For Marlin2,

use G29 P1 S0 N to perform this operation.

For Marlin1, use G29 to perform this operation.

To save the data, use M500.


Reset the parameters. It is equivalent to restoring the factory settings on a mobile phone. After resetting, you still need to use M500 to save it, otherwise it is a temporary restore to the factory settings.


rint and output some commonly used parameters that have been saved. Not all parameters are saved, only some are output.


Set the motor pulse! Remember to save after setting.

If M502 is used, it will be reset. XYZE can be combined arbitrarily, but parameters are required,

 for example, M92 X80.00 Y80.00 Z800.00 E600.00M92 X80.00 Y80.00 Z800.00 E600.00


Set the maximum speed limit. Regardless of how much the speed is set to, the total speed will not exceed this value. XYZE can be combined arbitrarily, and parameters are required. For example: M203 X500.00 Y500.00 Z20.00 E120.00


Set the maximum acceleration limit. No matter how much the acceleration is set to, it will not exceed this limit.

XYZE can be combined arbitrarily, and parameters are required. For example: M201 X10000.00 Y10000.00 Z200.00 E10000.00


Set the current acceleration.

PTR can be combined arbitrarily, and parameters are required. For example:

M204 P3000.00 R3000.00 T3000.00

P stands for print acceleration.

R stands for retraction acceleration.

T stands for travel acceleration.


To turn on and off automatic bed leveling:

Turn off automatic bed leveling: M420 S0 Turn on automatic bed leveling: M420 S1

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